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Project Unity for Life is an advocate of responsible policy and practice for the reentry of people coming out of recovery from substance use disorder (SUD) back into community life.


We believe trust and forgiveness are essential elements of healthy relationships and can be developed through small group interactions.

We encourage individual exploration of each one’s beliefs, gifts, talents, and abilities. Everyone within the Project Unity for Life organization is encouraged to discover peace through a spiritual way of life which includes dealing with and processing through their own recovery. We use a commitment to connection to assist those in their own recovery.  The connection of all house members is imperative to that commitment.


From the Bible: This I command you, that you love one another." John 15:17


             Living a life that matters happens on purpose.

Living a life that matters is a matter of choice.


Choosing Substance over Show, our hope for you, our prayer for you is that you will…



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Narcotics Anonymous

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Is Addiction a disease Dr.
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