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About Us

Policy and Procedure  for     Project Unity for Life

Who We Are
Project Unity for Life is a non-profit, non-denominational, faith-based ministry dedicated to reducing recidivism through education, mentoring, individual coaching, small group meetings, community networking, and specific, individualized reintegration plans. The organization is also an advocate of responsible policy and practice for the reentry and reintegration of the form substance use disorder or recently incarcerated into community life. In February 2012, Unity House was established to provide temporary housing for up to six men as part of their individualized reintegration plan.

What We Do
Since April of 2006, trained volunteers have taken an educational program called Free at Last into Leelanau County and Benzie County jails. Ongoing upgrades of that program, based on participant feedback and additional insights from various sources, have brought the text to the point where publishing it in book form has been completed. You can also find it here on the web. Preparations are under way to produce educational videos based on the Free at Last program materials.
The anticipated date for completion of the first video segment will be sometime in  (2018).  At present, the ten week program is the anchor around which other in-house educational programs are scheduled. It is the primary in-reach program in use at this time. Expansion efforts are in place to increase the number of area jails where Project Unity for Life satellite organizations will have a presence. At the present time, about 50 inmates and about 20 released persons participate each week in some form of the Free at Last program. 
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