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Community Support Groups

Correctional Facility In-reach

   Project Unity for Life was established in April, 2006 as a 501 (C) (3) nonprofit faith-based community ministry in Northern Michigan. Our goal is to equip participants with the tools and skills and opportunities they may need to make healthy life choices, enabling them to be productive members of their families and the larger community. We offer a variety of services including:

    • In-reach to participants while they are in a correctional facility
    • Faith-based and Christ centered support groups in the community
    • Mentoring—during and after incarceration
    • Opportunities for volunteering, a way to become reintegrated into 
the community.

   All participants are welcome regardless of religious beliefs. There are no expectations.

   Weekly sessions are held locally using a proven curriculum in a safe, confidential setting. This allows participants to share issues, especially those related to their personal life, with others, if they want. Trust and personal life-long relationships can develop,  offering on-going support with reconnecting to the community in healthy ways.

   Returning to old relationships, places, and habits can put returning citizens (the formerly incarcerated) in danger of re-offending and returning to incarceration. We are here to offer support. We hope to help every participant find a life outside of incarceration that is worth staying free for. We hope for them, a life outside which beats the life they left inside.

   The mentoring program can provide participants with access to trained persons who want to work with them. We do our best to select the best mentor applicants and provide them with advanced training. We look for people who are ready to listen to the participant, who are able to provide them with very specific help, and who will not judge any participant, period. Mentors work with participants to help identify their needs, help them line up the support they need, and are prepared to assist them in developing short and long term goals.

   Our programs for returning citizens and the training we do with volunteers and mentors are designed with the specific needs of the returning citizen in mind including:

    • Job and Career Skill Development
    • Setting Personal and Career Goals
    • Family Reunification
    • Accountability
    • Referral Resources
    • Faith Connections
    • Transportation
    • Picture ID or Driver License
    • Housing
    • Education
    • Remaining Drug, Alcohol, and Offense Free

​Mentoring - Family Reunification


   Networking is a natural and positive consequence of being involved with Project Unity for Life. Mentors, volunteers, Board Members, as well as participants network naturally with each other. The areas impacted include:

    • Housing
    • Transportation
    • Employment and entrepreneurial opportunities
    • Clothing
    • Food and free or low-cost community meals
    • Faith communities
    • Health care
    • Volunteering and fund raising
    • Friendships
    • Prayer support
    • Alcohol, drug, and other addiction recovery support
    • Free or low cost job and personal counseling and coaching
    • Computer, copier, FAX, and phone access

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