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Employment Resources 

Job Search Resources

​   Most jobs are found through friends, and previous co-workers, so keep checking with everyone you know about job openings. Secondly most success is from physically going from business to business and filling out applications. Always be friendly and courteous and try to make a good impression.

   The other step necessary is to get your resume and applications to as many businesses as possible. There is a multitude of resources for that. Here are several of them:

    • Record Eagle newspaper. Not only classified, but read
      about which businesses and industries are growing.

    • Other print media including Northern Express, GT
      Insider, Traverse Business Journal, Leelanau Enterprise,


    • Online job sites – There is an incredible number of
      websites  that have job listings. While some do
      composite listings (getting information from other sites),
      it is a good idea to post your resume on several sites
      and check them on a regular basis. Several are listed on

      the next column.

   • Company websites -  More and more companies are
      posting job openings and/or are requiring you to
      complete online applications on their corporate websites.
      Sears, Macy’s, UPS, Munson, K-Mart, and JC Penny
      are some that require this process.

Job Hunting Help

​​   While most jobs are acquired by direct contact, there are steps you can take help that happen more quickly, and to find the type of job you will enjoy and excel at.

Michigan Works! (M!Works)

1209 S. Garfield

Traverse City, Mi. 49686




Get a therapist position.

Checkout this site!


This is a great source for job searching as well as job enhancement.

   • Unemployment Benefits – They can help you file with the
     State and also verify that your resume is posted on the
     Michigan Talent Bank Website.

   • Computers to use for your job search, creating resumes
     and cover letters, and filling out online applications.

   • Resume writing workshops – They help you write
     resumes and cover letters that fit you and the jobs you
     are seeking.

   • G.E.D. test preparation – Another free service to help
     you get your GED which is needed for many jobs.

   • Computer skills workshops – Work on typing, MS Office
     and/or learn basic computer skills needed in today’s

   • Many programs that you may qualify for are based on
     age, work history, training and many more opportunities.


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